Marco Polo Network

In autumn 2015, a concept proposal of “Silk Road Connectivity (in case of EU-China Connectivity Platform)” was discussed by Natureherit with DG Move and UNESCO before the COP21.
After two years of further preparation, based on various stakeholder and sector talks, idea exchanges with European Commission, European Travel Commission (ETC), European national and regional tourism organizations, the initiative of “Heritage Routes for the Lesser- Known” got in shape, a collective Cultural Tourism and Travel Platform for Destinations, Itineraries, related sustainable & heritage Métiers, Products, Activities, Communities and more.

First proposals were discussed with various institutions, included Marco Polo Network, Assomarinas and Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT). This proposal is tailormade for UNWTO West Silk Road Program, with a suggestion of an Open Forum.
The concept and design were developed by Natureherit Design & Consult (a cross-cultural spatial planning advisory office for territorial and environmental friendly development), together with Marco Polo Network (a cross-national and -association network), Assomarinas (a national nautical association) and other growing consortium partners.