The main goal of the Western Silk Road project is to create a recognizable tourist product, characterized by the ability to develop and manage:

1. a network of ports for the development of maritime tourism, not only cruise;

2. a network of villages, thus encouraging the development of new or emerging destinations that integrate the existing touristic offer which will be properly branded in order to stimulate investment aimed at developing tourism in the various territories involved in the project;

3. an Unesco network that connects tangible and intangible heritage;

4. a cultural network as further development of what has already been done on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the birth of Marco Polo;

5. An integrated system of promotion of local food and wine excellence, with particular attention to the Spice sector;

6. Two international appointments dedicated to:

  • Tour Operators: Western Silk Expo (International Trade Fair along the Western Route of the Silk Road)
  • Large audience of potential users: Western Silk Fest (International Festival of Cultures and Flavors)